Number search

The number search allows you to search for records based on a standard number, or list of numbers, such as an ISBN.

Enter up to 50 numbers in a comma separated list, e.g. a set of ISBNs such as:


Select the number type from the drop down list. The available options are:

  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number (in 10 or 13 digit form)
  • ISMN: International Standard Music Number (in 10 or 13 digit form)
  • ISSN: International Standard Serial Number (8 digits)
  • Local record number (i.e. local system number)
    • The last option is available to NBK contributors only, as local system numbers are included in the database when their data is uploaded. For non-contributors, the local record number option will be greyed out.

      To search against a larger set of numbers use the batch search option.

      For help with the options to further refine your search, see Refinement options.