Number search

The number search allows you to search for records based on a standard number, or list of numbers, such as an ISBN.

Enter up to 50 numbers in a comma separated list, e.g. a set of ISBNs such as:


Select the number type from the drop down list. The available options are:

  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number (in 10 or 13 digit form)
  • ISMN: International Standard Music Number (in 10 or 13 digit form)
  • ISSN: International Standard Serial Number (8 digits)
  • Local record number (i.e. local system number)

The last option is available to NBK contributors only, as local system numbers are included in the database when their data is uploaded. Examples of local record numbers for the user's institution (where this can be identified via login) are displayed in the help tooltip next to the number or batch search box. Check this carefully as local record numbers can sometimes incorporate punctuation or letters as well as numbers and will fail if these are not included. For example .b18384675 or ocm247567 are complete record numbers for two institutions, where the punctuation, letters and numbers must be included in the search.

For non-contributors, the local record number option will be greyed out.

To search against a larger set of numbers use the batch search option.

For help with the options to further refine your search, see Refinement options.