Exporting data

Data from your results set can be exported. Export options are displayed at the bottom of the search results list, at the bottom of each individual record, and at the bottom of each visualisation available in the Graphs tab. Exports are provided in .csv format, which can be saved or opened in an Excel spreadsheet or other software as required.

Choose the export format required and then click the ‘Export’ button. Depending on the browser you are using and your local settings, the .csv file will either be saved to your downloads folder automatically, or you will be prompted to save it.

Item holdings data

The item holdings data option will export a file containing the following fields from your search results:

Column nameDefinition
ISSN/ISBNThe relevant standard number, depending on the type of search you performed. This column will not be included if you ran a keyword search
Brief recordBrief summary details from the record
Number of holding librariesThe number of libraries which have holdings for that record
Name of holding librariesThe names of each holding library

If you limited your original search by library or region, you will see two different options in the Export dropdown menu:

Item holdings data.csv (selected libraries)
This export will include holdings information only for the libraries specified in your search
Item holdings data.csv (all libraries)
This export will include holdings information for all libraries

Note: any standard numbers in the exported data will be contained within single quotes eg:'0071317945'; this ensures any spreadsheet software you use treats them as text. If a spreadsheet identifies ISBNs, ISSNs etc as numbers then we have found that it will strip any leading zeros, meaning that they will no longer be valid.

UKRR checking

This is an export format provided for the British Library UK Research Reserve team, to enable checking of UK journal holdings as part of the UKRR service. You can find out more about the service on the British Library UKRR website.