Results - graphs

The Graphs tab on the search results page allows you to view several visualisation options based on the records returned by your search. You can switch between them using the menu on the right.

You can see how many records have been returned by your search in the breadcrumb above the Graphs tab.

Note: there is a limit to the number of records which can be visualised. For a standard number or keyword search, the limit is 5000 records for the Analyse by library and Analyse collection graphs. For the Analyse by record graph the limit is 200 records from a number search only. For a batch search, the limit is 250,000 records (the Analyse by record limit remains 200 records from a number search only). If your search returns more than 5000 results, and you would like to view the visualisations, try running it as a batch search. If your search exceeds the relevant limit, the Graphs tab will display an error screen, with options for re-running or refining your search, or starting a new one.

If you limited your search by library or region, by default the visualisations will only reflect the holdings of your specified libraries (or of any holding libraries within your specified region).

The available visualisations are:

Analyse by library

This graph shows you the number of records from your results set that each library has holdings for, incorporating any of the search refinements such as document format or type.

If a bar is very small and no number is displayed, you can hover over it with the mouse to see the numbers.

Analyse by record

This graph shows you how many libraries have holdings of each record in your results set. It is only available for number searches with up to 200 results. The standard number contained in the record is displayed on the vertical axis, and the number of holding libraries on the horizontal axis. If you hover over any bar on the graph a pop-up will also appear, displaying brief details from the record, the number of holding libraries, and the names of the holding libraries. If there are multiple holding libraries, not all of their names will be displayed in the pop-up. You can download the 'Item holdings data' export in order to see fuller details of all the libraries.

Note: this graph is only available for standard number searches. If you have performed a keyword search you will not be able to view this graph.

Analyse collection

This graph shows you how many records from your search results are held by a given number of libraries. The number of libraries is shown on the vertical axis, and the number of records on the horizontal axis. If you hover over any bar on the graph a pop-up will also appear, displaying the number of records held by that number of libraries.


Library Hub Compare does not currently allow you to visualise your results on a map. We are working on teh best way to present locations visually.